What is ATS Project Tracker?

ATS Project Tracker is an Online Solution to easily manage products from owner to order for all partner of the construction industry. This time-saving SaaS Solution is designed to help you save time by managing contacts, tracking leads and building quotes all in one place.

Project Tracker is pre-populated with many features designed to help user reduce stress and build quotes faster. These include:

  • A leading cross-reference tool: With our New Cross-reference features, users can build quotes even faster as the tool finds and allows to switch out competitors’ products quickly and accurately.
  • Dynamic configurator
  • Auto-shop drawings: Another amazing feature is the ATS project trackers feature of generating Shop Drawing Packages complete with cover page and table of contents.
  • Automatic pricing updates from subscribed manufacturers: Our team sifts through construction documentation on your behalf so that you can focus on project follow up and closing additional sales”.
  • Reporting: The ATS Project Tracker Platform can be connected with popular reporting systems allowing you to save time and focus on closing the sale

This is a solution for the entire company no matter where they are located!

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