Release notes: November 1, 2021

November 1, 2021

What’s New

Downloading Quote Reports

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On Project Tracker’s new report feature, you can now generate reports on demand for all the quotes your company has created. The quote reports highlight information such as quote name, bid name, reps, and location. The report downloads as an excel file.

What’s Improved

Creating products and packages

On Project Tracker, you can save more time in creating specifications to quotes. Now, both product and package can be created on spec-to-quote product mapping page.

Quote List Filter by Architect and Engineer

On Project Tracker, save time searching for the Architect or Engineer involved in the project. You can now filter the search for specific quotes based on the engineer or architect that specified the product.

What’s Fixed

Required Date/Time on Quotes 

Previously on Project Tracker, the required date/time did not match with quotes created in a project folder. Now, you can filter and search for quotes based on required date/time.

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