Release notes: May 5, 2020

May 5th, 2020

What’s New

  • NEW – Feature : New region filter on tracked project widget on dashboard to allow users to filter projects by regions set for their office
  • NEW – Feature : Regions are migrated for DMA. Region migrations with BETA clients are being panned.
  • NEW – Feature : New region filter on project list widget to allow user to filter projects by regions set for their office

What’s Improved

  • Print improvement to remove price in quote print for blank values in quotes
  • Required date and expiry date are retained when a quote is duplicated or a new revision is created
  • Improved shop drawing formatting to support quote section names with 5+ words
  • Display error message displayed when the internet connection is lost during the quotation build process

What’s Fixed

  • Resolved new line, spacing and blank issues with products notes, section notes, terms & conditions, and comments
  • Resolved a bug with clearing sections on quote
  • Resolved an issue where scrolling positions are retained between different pages of the quote tool
  • Resolved an issue with project not being linked to quotes when creating a quote from a newly created project
  • Resolved an issue with saving quote template structure
  • Resolved an issue with section amount not being updated after deselected a customer and copying products to other sections
  • Resolved an issue with printing customer names on shop drawings
  • UI standardization on task edit/create drawer
  • Removed download list from widgets that do not support the feature

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