Release notes: May 27, 2021

May 27, 2021

What’s New

Bid Award Feature

In this NEW feature, you can now record and track the award status of projects and value them on general or mechanical contractors.

What’s Improved

User Experience

On Project Tracker, you can now see more files and attachments on a single page for increased efficiency when working across multiple projects.

To prevent losing the filters you have set on Project Tracker, project and quote details pages can now be open in new tabs so you can cross-reference the details and multiple projects you are working on. In addition, additional contact information (address and contact types) are now displayed on the project filter and contact search for an easier search function

What’s Fixed

  • Resolved an issue with permission on configurator lists on project tracker
  • Resolved an issue with re-saving exclusions in product configurators
  • Resolved an issue with discontinued products being displayed on search
  • Resolved a quote edit issue in a specific scenario which might cause quote data loss
  • Resolved a quote value issue when it does not reset after a customer is unselected
  • Resolved an issue with extra informations appearing beside some customer names in quote
  • Resolved an issue with project list widget filters (opportunity label, status and others)
  • Resolved an issue with saving shipping address on quote after using the spec to quote feature
  • Resolved an issue with section and grand total of the quote with quotes created from the spec to quote feature
  • Resolved an issue where adding products notes affected the exclude section feature from quote value calculation
  • Added a descriptive error messages for users trying to upload shop drawing documents on an inactive or discontinued product 
  • Resolved an issue where duplicating sections did not copy section notes

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