Release notes: March 31, 2020

March 31st, 2020

What’s New

  • NEW – Feature:Export / Download list of tracked projects and tasks (500 projects limit) 
  • NEW – Feature:Engineer / Architects are added to quotes and quote print

What’s Improved

  • Training section added to the side menu of the application 
  • Include both Label and Item # as the first column of quote print 
  • Previous product & section selections on the print configuration page will be saved for the next download 
  • Country, province/state, city and address are displayed in the customer search to streamline selection of customers with many branches/offices
  • Tidied up the settings tab for each user on project tracker
  • New method to edit project key contact from the Contact section on project detail page to make it easier for users to modify contacts 
  • Error messages were added to print configuration page to notify the user when >5 quote columns are selected
  • Improved quote download limit to at least 200 products
  • User experience improvement made to the print configuration and quote detail page
  • Minor improvement made on user interface in the settings page 
  • Minor UI improvement on project list filters regarding opportunity label/status, office/firm detail page and other various pages

What’s Fixed

  • Resolved a bug related to editing product pricing
  • Resolved an issue with address field in Contacts
  • Resolved minor layout issue with large quote number in quote download
  • Resolved issue with quote list filters on quote list widget on the dashboard
  • Resolved an issue with duplicate/identical products while quote print
  • Resolved an issue with pricing updates to new and replacement of products when a customer has been selected 
  • Resolved an issue with products in package not triggering the quote template calculations 
  • Resolved an issue with vendor quote number not being displayed on the quote detail pages for wholesalers 
  • Resolved an issue with default region pricing not populated for products without region pricing while an existing region is selected 
  • Resolved an issue with quote note font size 
  • Resolved an issue with displaying sections on the quote print configuration page
  • Resolved an issue where previously created quote information are carried over to a new quote
  • Resolved an issue to prevent users to view outdated dashboards (quote)
  • Resolved an issue related to clearing product price fields on product management tool

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