Release notes: March 3, 2020

March 3rd, 2020

What’s New

  • NEW – Feature: Allow user to view, edit and delete region pricing when regions pricing are set on specific products 

What’s Improved

  • Major improvement made to the look and feel of the quote PDF which includes and not limited to firm, customer address, shipping address and column adjustments 
  • Outside rep email address is included in quote print
  • Quote creator information is included in quote print
  • Improved quote print of section notes & product notes
  • Office admin role was added to allow user to update office details such as user & office logos
  • Standardized country, province, and city office creation drawer with contact drawer
  • Updated validation message on area field during project creation/edit

What’s Fixed

  • Resolved an issue with the creation of quote revision and requote
  • Resolved an issue with incorrect quote revision numbers when a requote is deleted
  • Resolved an issue with deleted quotes showing on the revision list
  • Resolved an issue with bid date filter on tracked project list widget
  • Updated the package detail drawer with user that last updated the package
  • Resolved an issue with quote list search by date
  • Resolved an issue with task visibility to office users
  • Resolved an issue with displaying quote products when a customer is selected
  • Resolved an issue with requote a quote after deleting an existing requote
  • Resolved an issue related to timezone and displaying standardized dates
  • Resolved various issues related to quote edit and user detail pages
  • Resolved various issue with dashboard task filters

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