Release notes: March 21, 2022

March 21, 2022

What’s New

Quote Your Projects 10x Faster

With the major performance improvement you will see project tracker run up to 10X  faster on larger quotes consisting of over 200 products.

Sections of quotes are loaded in batches to allow users to load and edit quotes more efficiently

side-by-side comparison

Rearrange Quotes With Ease

Click on the arrow on the product or section line and then drag and drop that product or section to its proper position in the quote.

Collaborate With Outside Sales

List of Outside Sales Reps on your quote has been expanded to show all users from your organization, regardless of what branch they work in. The branch name that they are associated with displays next to their name when you search to add them to your quote.

Overview of Projects & Quotes

Projects and quotes widgets on the dashboard page can be filtered to show projects or quotes created by a specific branch or user.

Enhanced Visibility

Documents uploaded by one user can be accessed and downloaded by any user that is under the same organization.

Notes and Attachments tabs will default to view the side with content.

Navigate With Confidence

When a user hovers over a button a tip appears explaining the purpose of that button. The text tip has been added to the Cross Reference and Product Configurator buttons within the quote module.

Searching Made Easier

Select products with confidence as manufacturers are displayed for products during search.

What’s Fixed

  • Resolved an issue with ordering by bid date column on quote list widget
  • Product number field has been updated to be required input field during product creation
  • Search results are  now cleared between product searches
  • Create a contact button has been removed from outside rep list on quote edit page
  • Resolved an issue where inputted characters were removed on occasion while searching for firm products
  • Resolved an issue where products notes will no longer be visually retained after product replacement
  • Resolved an issue where quote page becomes blank when adding a product for a specific set of users with older browser versions
  • Resolved an issue with state of exclusion icon displaying incorrectly
  • Resolved an issue where spellcheck was disabled in product notes, section notes and special terms and comments
  • Default terms and conditions were updated in quote print

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