Release notes: June 9, 2021

June 9, 2021

What’s New

Maintain your quote export versatility with ATS Project Tracker

On Project Tracker, you can now download your project quotes as PDF or Excel file, allowing you to have more options and versatility. All the quotation information will be maintained in either file type that is selected.

What’s Improved

Updated quote detail page visibility

For improved visibility on Project Tracker, you can read all the product lines more easily on the project quote detail page.

Managing what goes in your Sales Funnel Easier

When adding Opportunity Labels, you can now select them as a 

  • manufacturer
  • category
  •  or both

This allows you to have more options when populating the opportunity valve and tracking it in your sales funnel.  Simply log into Project Tracker, click on the Gear click on Project Customization Settings and set up your opportunity Labels the way you want to track what goes into your sales pipeline. 

What’s Fixed

  • Resolved an issue with saving decimals as options names in product configurator
  • Resolved an issue with clicking the create project folder button and sending user to the top of quote page
  • Resolved an issue with dashboard task widget filters

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