Release notes: January 15, 2020

January 15th, 2020

What’s New

  • NEW- Feature: All products will be displayed when a customer without any brands is selected (rep agency)

What’s Improved

  • Global search on the dashboard has been removed to avoid confusion to users
  • Hide download list on the dashboard widget until the feature is ready for release
  • Products without specification sheets will have a label of “to be included” on the section title page in order to remind the user to attach the specification sheets manually on Shop Drawing download
  • State/Province, Zip/Postal Code vocabulary have been updated for registration and project creation pages to accommodate both US/CAN users 
  • Disabled auto fill on project creation and registration pages on chrome, this was preventing users from entering in address fields
  • Changed login page username to email/username to accommodate for previous and new users
  • Shipping address will be displayed on the quote download according to selected option of customer address, project address, user input address or no shipping address on the quote
  • Incorporated a message on the login page to prompt the user to use recommended browsers if the user is on incompatible browsers or browsers versions
  • Hovering over file name on project detail page will display full file name
  • Included additional information to contact during contact search in project creation to assist user with contact selection

What’s Fixed

  • Resolved an issue where clicking projects from specific quotes will result in a blank page
  • Resolved an issue with quote templates where sell/cost override fields will be cleared after clicking on a customer for wholesalers
  • Resolved template formula value in percentage rounding issue
  • Resolved an issue where a large amount of products in a section will push the “consist of” message on the shop drawing download to the next page, it will now flow continuously into the second page
  • Resolved an issue where removal of required fields such as expiry and bid dates on quote resulted in an error
  • Resolved an issue where the bid/tender date is not displayed correctly on project detail page
  • Product management menu is included on project tracker and quotation modules
  • Resolved an issue where duplicating a quote template will duplicate the default selection

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