Release notes: August 31, 2021

August 31, 2021

What’s New

Have ATS import and assign you leads

On Project Tracker, work with your Account Manager to identify what is a good “In design” or “In bidding” lead and then have the ATS Team auto assign the appropriate salesperson.

Your sales team can then see their leads in their dashboard and follow up and close or follow up and reject a lead.

Contact us to set up your personalized lead search.

Save More Project Documents

Previously on Project Tracker you would be able to upload any project documentation as a PDF. Now , you are now able to upload and save email files (.eml) along with PDFs, word documents (.docx) and excel files (.xlsx.) . This should make the Project Tracker the central place for your team to find ALL project documentation.

What’s Improved

Upload and organize your shop drawings

On Project Tracker, you can now upload and attach shop drawings from the product page. With this new feature, you can upload a shop drawing or save a URL.

What’s Fixed

Resolved an issue where migrated files are not displaying during shop drawing creation for migrated quotes

Resolved an issue with linked packages during spec to quote process

Resolved an issue when users refreshes the quote print configuration

Resolved an issue with adding the identical products to a single drawing

Resolved an issue with pagination by switching between public and private files

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