Release notes: August 12, 2019

August 12, 2019

What’s new?

  • NEW – Feature : Users are now allowed to search for contacts by organization.
  • NEW – Feature : The product description is now displayed when searching for products in the quote module.
  • NEW – Feature : Users are now allowed to give permission on the quote list (only quotes from the same office are visible to the user).
  • NEW – Feature : Office users can be selected from outside sales rep search bar on quote detail page.
  • NEW – Feature : The quotes numbers are displayed in the quote list page.
  • NEW – Feature : Users are now allowed to view the product description which is automatically shown after selecting a product in the quotation page.

What’s improved?

  • We’ve improved the speed on the quote build (3-4x).
  • We’ve improved the Quote Download Configuration page which provides options for selecting columns and/or products to print.
  • We’ve improved the loading screen for project & quote list and error pages.
  • We’ve improved the reduction of technical debts by refactoring of firm, office, user and contact.
  • We’ve improved the access to the project phases, opportunity labels and status to office level instead of user.

What’s fixed?

  • We resolved the formatting issues with terms/conditions and quote notes.
  • We’ve resolved various visual and styling issues.

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