Release notes: April 26, 2022

April 26, 2022

What’s New

See Your Most Important Information First

Quote titles are now shown on the Project Details Page by hovering your mouse cursor over the quote number. Quote status is displayed and can be updated from the Project Detail page.

Tasks, Notes and Attachments have been moved closer to the top of the page on a Project Folder.

Fewer Mouse Clicks to Update

The up and down arrow keys have been enabled to navigate through the Bulk Edit menu

When creating a new section on a quote, the mouse cursor will highlight the Section Title by default so that you won’t need to click to change the Section Title

What’s Fixed

  • Contact information such as address and email are now displayed on dashboard widget filters to help with selecting contacts from different offices and branches.
  • More product information is now shown when searching for products to create packages in order to differentiate between products with similar product numbers. Simply hover your cursor over the search results to show more text.
  • Resolved an issue with recording cross reference tool analytics (cross reference button)
  • Resolved an issue where internal product numbers were missing from quote excel/csv exports
  • Resolved an issue where configurator option prices are not shown by project locations

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