Release notes: April 21, 2020

April 21st, 2020

What’s Improved

  • Optimized user flow between quotation and project tracking modules
  • Improved user experience while editing product, section, terms and conditions notes 
  • Quote duplication, revision and requotes will include architect and engineer contact information from the original quote
  • Printing of price columns set in quote template will have two decimals places, dollar sign, and comma. 
  •  Improved layout to ensure that cross-reference button and product dropdown will no longer overlap 
  • Allow user to create new products with region pricing 
  • User login email can be changed in the user profile
  • Replaced filter fields with the drop-down list for cities, provinces and country
  • Various UI/UX improvements on various pages
  • Cross Reference Tool
  • Improved product displaying algorithm to display only relevant product recommendations to the user based on white label sites

What’s Fixed

  • Resolved an issue with products in package not triggering the quote template calculations 
  • Resolved an issue with vendor quote number not being displayed on the quote detail pages for wholesalers 
  • Resolved an issue with default region pricing not populated for products without region pricing while an existing region is selected 
  • Resolved an issue with quote note font size 
  • Resolved an issue with displaying sections on the quote print configuration page
  • Resolved an issue where previously created quote information are carried over to a new quote
  • Resolved an issue to prevent users to view outdated dashboards (quote)
  • Resolved an issue related to clearing product price fields on product management tool
  • Resolved an issue where an empty spec is created when a project is created on the quote page
  • Resolved an user interface issue while discarding project information while editing
  • Resolved an issue on project creation from the quotes
  • Resolved an issue with project bid date due to timezone 
  • Resolved an issue regarding user unable to remove building class and types in quotes
  • Removed extra information on project key contact on quote creation and edit pages
  • Resolved an issue where products are not added to the quote when a customer is added without linked brands
  • Resolved minor issue with production selection on print configuration page
  • Resolved an issue with duplicating quotes that will unlink contacts 
  • Resolved an issue with region pricing switching on quote for products without default prices

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